We're Passionate About Local Business

Here at The Skipton Press we believe local businesses are a cornerstone of life in Skipton.  Local and independent enterprises, stalls and shops are what set Skipton apart from many bigger, blander towns and cities.  It's this spirit of individuality we want to promote to the thousands of people who read our site.

What's more, we'll do it in a non-intrusive way.  This means your advert will sit prominently on the site but will be designed sympathetically within the page so as never to annoy the reader.  So, not only will your business get great coverage you'll never run the risk of frustrating future customers!

And, even better, our professional design and copy team will create an advert for you and write a feature on your business - all included in the price.

Sound good?  Then read on!

Media Kit

Below you'll see our media kit, which outlines who we are, our site statistics and our competitive advertising rates.

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